Natural light at home: 9 tips to optimize it

Natural light at home: 9 tips to optimize it

Natural lighting is very important for our home. A well-lit house is more cozy, comfortable and healthy for the members who occupy it, creating an environment full of life. It is also the best option to save on energy consumption. When it comes to renovations or enabling a new space, this issue is very relevant to avoid localized darkness.

It is for this reason that the most important architects and designers have a lot of consideration for them points of light when distributing the elements of a home.

Of course not everyone lives in houses with large windows that allow them to receive a lot of light; there are homes with rooms facing very dark interior courtyards or with rooms that have no windows. However, there are tips that allow you to maximize natural light inside a home. And these are what we propose in this article: 9 tips to be able to increase and optimize natural lighting in your home.

Pay attention to the orientation and interior distribution of the home

When renovating or buying a home, lighting is one of the most important aspects to consider. The input of natural light basically depends on its orientation. The south-facing houses are the ones that usually receive the most sunlight. The ideal is to place the rooms we use most during the day in the places where more light enters, such as the kitchen and living room.

Create more open spaces

It is necessary to facilitate that the lighting circulates towards the darkest zones. Partitions that compartmentalize a home are one of the elements that most limit the amount of light. A way to pave the way by creating open spaces. If you plan to make a renovation, take the opportunity to throw a partition, apart from enjoying a brighter space, you will be able to increase the feeling of spaciousness, energy efficiency and communication between the inhabitants of the house.

Install glass partitions and doors

If you are concerned about noise and odors, one way to give way to light is by using glass. For example raising a glass partition on the wall separating the kitchen from the living room or installing a glass door in a dark hallway. In addition, as it is not the same to install a glass door in a toilet as in a work area, there is always the possibility of choosing the degree of opacity to achieve the desired level of privacy.

Prevent furniture from covering the light

The way we place the furniture influences the distribution of natural lighting throughout the space. We recommend avoid placing any bulky furniture in front of the windows, better stick them to the walls; and not to overload the atmosphere with too many elements so that the light can go further.

Choose colors that enhance light

As a general rule, white is the color that most reflects light and black the least. Therefore, if you live in a flat with low lighting, the best solution is to opt for light tones. Whether on walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, siding, curtains, window frames, etc.

This does not mean that we can not use more vivid or darker colors, they can be used perfectly in larger rooms (but only if clarity enters) or to combine them with a base of a lighter color. The touches of color give more life and character to the space. Whatever the choice, it is very important that the color combination is the right one.

Install mirrors to reflect light

The use of mirrors is a good solution to multiply natural light, apart from reflecting our image and enlarging spaces.. We can place them near light sources so that they reflect it to other places. There are many sizes, designs, shapes and colors so they are ideal for decorating any space in your home.

Build large windows

The amount of light a room receives will depend on the openings we have to the outside. A very effective solution is to expand or create new windows in the house. Of course, that's why works will have to be done, so it's a laborious solution. We can change the windows for more modern and efficient ones, take advantage of a roof to install a skylight, and even build skylights or solar tubes that collect sunlight to bring it to the interior of the house. .

Curtains that allow a greater passage of light

If we want to get the most natural light we must opt for fabrics that allow the passage of light. He it is best to use translucent fabrics in neutral tones, such as curtains. One option would be to use a double curtain, with a darker and opaque one, for when you need less lighting or more privacy, and a thinner, more transparent one that allows light to pass through. Another alternative would be blinds, that you can raise them more or less according to the needs, or the Venetian ones that are perfect to graduate the amount of light.

Decorative accessories and textiles that expand lighting

The decorative elements, such as vases, flowerpots, candle holders, paintings, etc. they can also help us reflect light in small dark corners. Mainly made of glass and metal with glossy finishes.

Pillows, blankets, rugs, bedding among other textiles are elements that also help us to transmit a feeling of light, as well as warmth and comfort. Mainly those made with natural fabrics and light colors.


In summary, we can indicate that to optimize the lighting entering a property, we can and must attack the problem from three different options:

  • We adapt to it. Taking into account the position of the sun at each hour of the day, we can choose the position of each element of the space to have as much lighting as possible at the right time of day.
  • Adapt the light to us. Avoid all obstacles that prevent the correct passage of light, from partitions to curtains. This way we make sure we get as much lighting as possible.
  • Use the reflex. From metal accessories to light colors, anything that makes light rays reflect and bounce into the interior of the home will give you better lighting.

Finally, we remind you that at MAREI we can give you the individual solution to your case in order to optimize your home or property in the best possible way. Can you contact us here and tell us your case, and you can also read the services we can offer you here.

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