Why is it important to live in a well-insulated home?

Why is it important to live in a well-insulated home? MAREI

Live in a well-insulated and thermally insulated house means an improvement in our quality of life. The reality in many families is that we live in homes where the noises of the outside or of the neighbors themselves have become part of our daily coexistence inside the house. This can lead to health problems such as nerves, stress and insomnia.

When the noise is intense it can lead to hearing loss, headache, tinnitus, and in cases where the noise becomes constant can lead to total hearing loss. In addition, noises can cause a change in the sleep process and therefore cause insomnia. Leading to a lack of concentration and performance the next day, making us more irritable and even generating some kind of depression in the most severe cases.

It is also important to have a thermally insulated home, otherwise it can cause a increase in consumption bills for heating and air conditioning, as well as the appearance of fungi in areas where the thermal point between materials is non-existent. Experts recommend having a stable temperature all year round hovering around 21ºC.

How do I know if my home is poorly insulated?

The way to know the insulation of our home is by doing a study by professionals who use utensils as one thermographic camera in order to know exactly what degree of insulation our home has. But before we ask for this study, we can look at it "at home." It's simple and fast:

  • Signs of poor thermal insulation in winter: cold inside, cold walls or ceilings, an expense in unjustified heating or when the heating is turned off the heat does not last inside the house.
  • During the summer the signs we can find are similar to those of winter but in warm aspects, such as warm walls and ceilings, heat inside…

Do I live in a comfortable environment?

He comfort in a home depends on several factors such as humidity, noise, lighting or temperature in the house. In terms of humidity, a house should be between a 40 % and a 60% humidity. Having more than 60% of moisture inside the house will cause the appearance of mho stains and condensation, among others.

Noise, as we have said before, can cause complications in our daily lives, both in health and comfort. Hence the importance of having the best possible conditions in acoustic properties. Let's go advise by a technician in order to propose the best solution.

There is no better lighting than solar. It is therefore important to be aware of the orientation of our home in order to apply the necessary improvements to make the most of this sunlight, which among others provides us with Vitamin D.. In cases where the orientation or improvements are difficult to apply, we should seek advice from lighting technicians in order to develop the project that best suits our needs.

The temperature at which our body feels most comfortable is usually between 18ºC and 22ºC. That is why our home should be in these temperatures and even better if we could achieve a stabilization of the temperature throughout the year.

Other factors to consider for good insulation

Detached house, window with air chamber, MAREI

Windows, doors and balconies are important aspects to consider when looking for excellent insulation.

When choosing a window, two aspects must be taken into account, the material in which the window frame is made and the quality of its glass. Technicians advise placing windows in PVC or aluminum as they are much more insulating than those made of wood. When it comes to glass, the ones that provide the best performance are those that have one or more air chambers between glass and glass.

Therefore a quality window with good glass and an aluminum or PVC frame is an investment in comfort and savings. But windows are not the only factor to consider to get good comfort in the home.

Another way to get out of the heat and get in the cold are the walls and ceilings of a house. That is why it is recommended to carry out transducts and divisions, with insulating materials such as laminated gypsum boards and glass or rock wool, in order to improve these benefits and avoid the problems, discussed above, of fungi and condensation.

It's time to make a good decision

Making a good decision to insulate our home will bring improvements in our day to day life. Not only will we improve our comfort and reduce health risks, but we will also contribute this grain of sand for the improvement of the environment, our planet Earth.

These are some of the improvements which provides us with a good detached house:

  • Decreases pollution caused by energy consumption. It helps the environment.
  • Prevents heat and cold losses inside the home. 
  • Reduces the energy needed to cool or heat your home.
  • Decreased costs on the energy bill, therefore, guaranteed savings!
  • Improve well-being and health in your home by maintaining a pleasant temperature throughout the year.
  • Reduces humidity and improves sound insulation

It is worth mentioning that in our Andorran territory, to date, the Government provides subsidies for those who are encouraged to convert their home into a well-insulated home.

A well-insulated home is an investment in your health and that of your family.

if you need professional help, you can contact MAREI just by clicking here. You can also read all the services we can offer you here.

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