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About us

Marei is a general contractor that has been operating in the Principality of Andorra since 2000. The company carries out renovations under private contract. It only operates within the Principality of Andorra and provides design, management and coordination services.

Marei offers a complete service, from design to completion – designing spaces, ambiances and furnishings. Each stage of the project undergoes precise research, to harmonise dimensions, appearance and cost.
Marei coordinates the associated skills, sometimes involving fine craftsmanship. With one of the most extensive ranges of services on the market, Marei caters for diverse design styles, within the parameters of architectural requirements, budget and deadlines.

Growing at a regular pace, Marei has learnt to expand and consolidate its areas of expertise. Every experience adds to its skills and opens the door to complex projects that are remarkable or prestigious. Our team has learnt to adapt, develop and transfer its unequalled experience within the Principality.

Method born of experience


A relationship of mutual trust

Marei boasts a wealth of experience that it has gained over many years and inspires it to design and accomplish bespoke building projects.

Its ability to offer a bespoke solution to every requirement forms the foundation of a privileged relationship with each client.

Our team of craftspeople contribute their multidisciplinary skills to your project.


Fulfilling commitments

Meeting the budget, deadlines and high standards are a priority of the building project.

Our clients are involved in their project, following and approving each design stage.

This cross-functional collaboration ensures team coherence.


Constant adaptation

Marei makes each project achievable by maximising the aesthetic, technical and financial aspects.

Our constant quest for equilibrium promises an unequalled standard of service.

Service from design to completion.


Our team
Marei has more than 20 years’ experience of construction works within Andorra so it can guarantee comprehensive management of all aspects of the projects.

Its assignments are backed by a high standard of professional management, as are relations with the client and the design offices.

The team consists of a project manager, site supervisor and/or interior designer, ensuring that the work meets a high standard and deadlines are observed.
 Marei’s mission is to achieve client satisfaction through the creation of bespoke projects, close monitoring of the works and high performance standards. This commitment to quality is shared by our team and also our suppliers and the subcontractors involved in the projects.

Our relationship with them is a long-lasting partnership, formalised in a contract, which guarantees the high quality of our services to our clients at every stage of the projects.

Marei adapts to the requirements and follows the specifications of its clients, whether private or public.


Satisfaction of our customers


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Marei’s professional activities are founded on three pillars: quality, budget and deadlines.

Transparency and guarantees are the bases of designing a project. Each is built according to detailed estimates and with reference to retro planning.

Marei has the status of Project Manager, providing a legal guarantee, backed by a biennial insurance. Following clients’ specifications, Marei guarantees execution of its projects up to final acceptance of the works. Any change in plan is approved through a contract amendment.

Marei is committed to limiting its impact on the environment.

Through waste selection, dust and noise limitation, monitoring water and energy consumption, cleanliness in the work environment, choice of materials, etc.

Several special measures have been developed at our worksites and offices in Andorra.


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