« Enhancing Andorra’s heritage through remarkable bespoke projects »


Marei specialises in major renovations and luxury renovations. Our expertise, numerous references, organisation and excellent network enable us to manage all general contracting operations. Our objective is to be involved in quality private projects in the Principality, upholding its own values and those of its clients

Marei excels in its ability to unveil the qualities of a space according to the client’s plans. Specialising in luxury renovations, from the simplest to the most glamorous, our chosen field is renovations, with construction teams that are matched to the technical complexities of specific projects. The expertise gained from each project expands the teams’ range of skills and inspires innovative perspectives for future projects.


Dialogue and consultation

From preliminary studies to the draft design plan
Our projects address your needs.
Through exchange and dialogue we can design a quality project that handles specific planning elements.
Your wishes are materialised through a feasibility study, diagrams, sketches, annotated plans and perspectives.
Colours and materials are chosen from samples and bespoke prototypes
A project costing completes the graphic studies.
This meticulous design stage forms the groundwork for a trouble-free building project.


A decisive stage

Approval of the design stage leads to:
Graphic documents: floor plans, sections, perspectives and detail plans.

Descriptive-quantitative: description of work, enumeration of quantitative, completion of costs.

The summary dossier: organization of the work, planning of the methods, progress of the works.


On site

The client can join on-site meetings and become involved in the project.

Periodic reports are sent regularly to companies and the customer. Possible modifications are studied, technically, aesthetically and financially.
Their impact on the whole project is considered before any undertaking.

Plans and details are drafted and adapted to the modifications.
Progress and compliance with the contract requirements are the priority at this stage.



Marei assists the client for acceptance of the works:
Drawing up the minutes, listing any reservations the client may have and signing the minutes.
The project is at an end. We review all the stages with the client. ..

Meanwhile, Marei monitors any rework related to the client’s reservations.
Marei records final acceptance on completion of any outstanding work, on the agreed date, in the presence of the client.
Marei sends the file of works completed (DOE) - plans and details of actual works completed, equipment operating instructions and contract documents.